Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Believe it or not I am still here. Although our work outs are not intense, they are taking time. Tonight I am swimming at Dynamo. The water is warm, but the building is a bubble. Think no insulation. Not very motivating to strip down and jump in the water. But I have!

Running and biking in the cold seem much easier. Two weeks ago we were still recovering from snow and ice, so we met in Alpharetta for a group spin and brick. What I liked about it: I got to know that I am doing it right in the intervals I was setting for myself all along! Yea! Plus I got to meet a few more of my teammates.

And finally last Saturday we got to ride...on open a team. It was cold, but great. As long as you dress appropriately you are OK. Carlos was thrilled as he finally got to join us. He was ready! Ready to ride or rob a bank...most of us were.

I love the team.

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