Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few last thoughts for 2010

I have been quiet on the blog lately. Chalk that up to changing jobs and no longer having a computer with me at all times. I have to use our home computer, and it just isn't as convenient. But - that's just the beginning of the changes at the end of this year.

Last Monday I started a new job. So far it is slow - but it takes awhile to learn the basics of a large organization. However, I can say that so far I love the people I have been fortunate to work with - even though I am working from home and do not have much face time. I can sense, though, that the job will pick up fast. So, this was a good week to start as most places take a bit of a breather the week between New Year's and Christmas.

Working from home has its challenges. I am very grateful to have IronTeam starting next week as I can already tell if I didn't have something to force me out of the home I could easily rarely leave the house for long periods of time. That would be very bad!

Another challenge is that my office is the dinner table. This is adjacent to the living room and the TV. Not a problem except when Carlos comes home from work he likes to watch ESPN and soccer for a bit before heading to the gym. I think we can handle it. But...it is now an extra incentive to get our current home sold and find a place that is a bit bigger. That and needing a place to store books (Carlos), bikes (both of us) and tri-gear (me). I try to keep my stuff to a minimum but tri gear has a life of its own.

I got to spend Christmas in Guatemala. To say it was amazing is selling it short. It was not just the fireworks let off all over the city at midnight, it was also celebrating with a part of Carlos' family. Christmas Eve we were with his brothers at their home. It was quiet but very good: we played board games (we may not speak the same language, but we can play board games), ate tamales (different from Mexican tamales), opened gifts and watched the fireworks.

Christmas Day we spent with a part of Carlos' extended family. That was a treat. It was the first time I have ever really been a part of a large family gathering where there are three generations and people of many age groups/ranges who all have a history together. My family is small, and we do not really do large family gatherings. I know those of you who do have large family gatherings may not see my point of view, but it was something to me.

It was something to watch the children play. Santa and Mama Clause came for a visit too. I will tell you right now - I love getting to go to Guatemala.

2010 was a wonderful year for me. I grew in ways I never envisioned, and formed deeper friendships than I thought possible for me. I also made many more acqaintances which thrills me. These are the seeds of a future. The basic roadwork to not isolating myself. Yes, cyber friendships are also "safe" in that most often you can reply and chat on your own time (i.e. you are not asking someone to stop doing something else to listen to you - something I loathe to do). But...it's a start. And, as the saying goes, the longest journey starts with a single step.

2011 is off to a bang up start. I feel like I started the year behind. All I can do is take deep breaths and do the best I can. Let's hope I keep up on-line a little better then I ended 2010.

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