Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birthday Card

My parents sent me two cards this year from my birthday. Well - my dad found one in New Zealand and mailed it off. It wasn't a birthday card per say, but it meant a lot when I received it. It is, as is often rare with cards, a keeper. It is sentimental and personal, which is not often openly expressed within my family. More on that later. First, the second card.

My mom send a second birthday card with a penguin on front.
in it she stated that the look on the penguin reminded her "of the look of triumph as I completed [my] challenges and runs."

If you compare it to my facebook profile picture

Yeah - I can see the comparison. I have no problem being compared to a penguin! They are pretty cute and capable animals.

Dad's card made me think. Mom's card made me think. I put the two together, and came up with something I wanted to say. Loudly.

I know that my parents do not always understand me. But the fact that, even though they do not really understand why I love endurance sports, they see and know that participating in them makes me very happy. And that also in turn, makes them happy and proud.

And that made me think about something I know, and have always known, but rarely verbalize. I know that my parents' love for me and my brother and my sister is unquestionable, undeniable, and never ending.

I know that they truly want all three of us to be happy in life in the manner that is best for us. So, even if they do not love endurance sports, they know it makes me happy. And they support me. They know that I have found a terrific group of people that have brought a lot of joy, understanding and appreciation of life with Team in Training, and they support me and LLS because of it.

My parents never really gave much instruction I would say. They pretty much let us make our own decisions, and we had to accept the results of the decision.

But they were always there to help. They would help us such that we could focus on the tasks at hand.

And so I am grateful. And here today I say thank you to my parents. Thank you for the birthday cards (this year and so many others). And thank you for all the love you have selflessly given to me. Thank you for the support in the so many countless ways you have shown it over my 35 years: early mornings, long drives, staying home so I could go out with the car, worrying, celebrating and letting me move on and so many more that I can not list. Thank you.

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