Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eating Pears

I used to hate pears. I thought they tasted too gritty. Last year my boss gave us gourmet pears for Christmas. At first I was hesitant. And then I tried them…and I liked them! So I looked around and tried Bosc pears. I liked them too – not gritty. And then the standard Anju pears were on sale for 99 cents per pound. So I bought one…and liked it! Of course most that you get in the store are not ripe and you have to let them sit a few days and then eat them fast but they are good! I look forward to eating a delicious, juicy pear.

And that is how many things go – an unexpected opportunity to try something different. And things just grow from there. I start looking for opportunities to experience more of something and low and behold there is a delightful bounty. I start figuring out what I like and do not like. I figure out how to pick the opportunities that best suit me and how to wait (that’s often the hardest part for me).

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