Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking ahead

Today was our last group ride before Augusta. It was short - 20 miles. We are deep in taper mode. While riding today I realized how much I love gathering speed as I shift through the exhilarating.It is a high..

We have one more group swim, a few short workouts on our own, and then it is event weekend. Always sad to see an event pass; to have a team end. Always exciting to start training for the next event, and to be part of a new team.

I am pretty excited about the Augusta Ironman 70.3. It is my first triathlon. My wave start is 8:18 with the 35-39 women age group. My bib number is 1201. I have no idea what to expect really. Well, let me rephrase that - our coaches and teammates have been talking about what to expect, and I have some idea, but in reality this really means I know what I need to do...I am not sure how it will all play out. I know I can swim strong. I know I can keep a 17 mph average on the bike. I know I have had fast runs off the bike. Will I be able to maintain that run for 13.1 after riding my heart out for 56 miles? Is my pace too fast? I am not sure...but I plan on doing the best I can and suffer (and learn from) the consequences. I am ready. I have learned what I can, now it is time to play...and learn from that for the next time!

I don't like to look past an event, but I am looking forward to what's coming up after. I have had the opportunity to join a relay team to run the Southern Odyssey relay. 200 miles from Athens, GA to Marietta Georgia with a team of 12. I am really excited.

After that I plan to run Richmond, VA. This is exciting as I have family there, and I can't wait to see them. I don't go to Richmond to see my family there nearly enough, and am really looking forward to seeing them all, and enjoying the visit and getting to run the marathon. I am a little nervous about the actual run. I have done great cross training, but I am a little worried about stepping up my running (a little) and getting in two long runs after Augusta. One long run will be in relay form at the Southern Odyssey. Not ideal, but fun and worth it! Luckily I have spoken with a few people - one being a team mate (Lauren) and she is running New York 6 weeks later. She build up my confidence about my being able to still do well at the event just when it was waning. Gotta love my team mates.

Then I plan on resting...relatively. I was planning on running Napa Marathon, but will be delaying it. I want to start running some hill repeats and tempo runs....start building strength. Then, January 8 the fun begins: Ironman training.

So, there will be a lot to write about over the next few months.

Oh yeah - one last thing. I hope to order room service after Augusta. First time in my life! I'll let you know if I go through with it or look at the prices and go down to a breakfast buffet!

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