Thursday, September 2, 2010

An introduction

Usually I am a pretty closed off person. Today, though, I decide to take a risk and start my own blog. Over the next few months I will talk about training for Ironman Arizona in November 2011. Training starts on January 8, so I have plenty of time to talk about other things...such as Augusta 70.3 coming up September 26, and the Richmond Marathon on November 13.

I know a lot can happen in the next 15 months. I have no idea. Injuries that end my adventure can occur (although I hope not and will do my best to take care of myself), accidents can happen, sickness (one of which I am raising money to cure) can happen, family events occur and...well...who knows. But, this is something you have to plan, and take the punches as they come.

I know there are times I will be grouchy and in a bad mood (so I have heard - to what extend I shall learn). I know I will be pushed as I have never been pushed before. And I can't wait!

So, welcome to my blog. It will be an adventure. I am excited. To me this is living...early bed times, early mornings, long rides, long runs, swims....Yea!

About the title (warning - thoughts will start wandering. I will usually be direct, but this has been a wandering path influenced by many). It comes from the movie Life is Beautiful. I remember the first time I saw it I cried at how hard so many people fought to live. And there I sat with opportunity slowly killing myself...staying safe...staying distant...and I sat there and cried. I was embarrassed and sad. I have worked for a long time to regain my vibrancy and my zest for shed my fear of judgement.

When I started running with Team I was immersed in a group of people that truly love life. I was immersed in so many heroes that are fighting for life. This time I was immersed, and life was demonstrated to me every day. This time I was ready...and I slowly put the pieces together. A friend died of cancer. His blog that he wrote as he fought inspired me to live. I started seeing life and love everywhere - families, smiles, tears, fears, finding a plan B: it all made life.

And here i am - so excited about a new adventure. So excited that I get to train for an ironman! So excited that I get to swim, bike and run. The ironman is a goal....getting there is the adventure and a big life event in itself. Life s messy. Life isn't always as you plan it. Life is what you make it.

La Vita e Bella!

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